Sunday, February 07, 2016

Life just right in North Andover

With just 47 homes for sale, finding your just right place takes a plan to uncover options early, make quick decisions, and strategize to make the right deal.
Searches are easy here.
If you're looking for an edge in the 2016 market, begin with a call to ask for our Secret Sellers List and A HomeBuyer Success Plan.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Easy Living; Get all the benefits

Easy Living. 

Neighbors and Friends; Nature and outdoors.

Natural setting, treed buffer, rock walls, protected area with rock outcroppings; the perfect place to come home to. Sun-room addition brings outdoors in. Just a few steps, and you’re perched on the deck or slip in to your soothing hottub*. Let the pooch run free with pet fencing in place. Fire up the grill and enjoy Kids will be off to Sargent Elementary with friends.          

Time to turn this 4 bedroom house for a new family to enjoy. Easy to find lots of reasons to call this place ‘easy living;’ new furnace-3 zones, new roof with transferable warranty, new windows look great and keep energy costs low, fresh bathrooms with new fixtures and finishes, new appliances, low/no maintenance Azek trim, vinyl siding, deck and porch. 

"This is the room we aim to duplicate at our next home”
-NANCY AND BRETT                                                                                                     Easy Living.  Visit
Walking neighborhood nearby, and just a short drive to conveniences, shopping, schools, Youth Center, swimming, hiking, dining and library. University nearby. Beaches 25 minutes away.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to avoid liability this winter- Slippery Issues

News on Andover/North Andover area

Winter is finally here, or is it? Regardless, now is typically the time of year when liability questions about snow and ice are posed. All property owners in Massachusetts are required to use “reasonable care” to protect their visitors since a SJC ruling in 2010 eliminated that a “natural accumulation,” barred injured parties from prevailing on negligence claims. Learn what measures you and your clients need to take to avoid liability this winter by clicking here.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Not simply Life Just Right- Life Just Right for You in 2016

Life Just Right in the Andover area-

Some know me as mom to a college sophomore. To some a supportive wife. Others know me as hard-working, loyal and smart or one that will never give up. I always make time for early morning gardening and reflection even when it's watering my indoor plants during winter months.

In a heart-felt message for the last days of 2015, my son said, 'you are Brave, Strong and Loving. "

I'm passionate; to give and to learn. What I'm most passionate about requires an all out effort to encourage as many people to reflect and think about what brings them a smile, optimism, oxygenated energy, pleasure and undeniable peace. My writing is a part of that.

My real estate business: Rather then transaction-focused sales people, we consider ourselves trained consultants on lifestyle and we broker buyer-seller matches. Optimism.

Through our work in real estate sales, our Team members are able to help clients discover their 'life just right' by asking the right questions, listening and helping clients discover the answers that best fit them and then pursue the 'just right' home. Whether small or oversized, screened or exposed, convenient to culture or easy access to everything outdoors, discussing goals as well as challenges with our clients is the first step. Sometimes making adjustments just where they are ends up being the best choice for them. Smile.

It's really awesome to be able to work with people when the outcome of our work assures more smiles, optimism, energy and a sense of peace.

I'm very blessed to live a 'life just right.' Not everything is perfect or trouble free or even easy but it is great because I get as much life just right as possible.

Here's to lots more Life Just Right in 2016. Thank you for reflecting.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

LOOKING FOR life just right?

very day

Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.

What is 'life just right' made of?  

You may wonder why I've named our real estate team the 'life just right team', with the mission of helping people find and live their life just right.  In my work with people and real estate brokerage, I make it my job Every day to meet lots of people. Every one of them is unique and their 'have to haves' are personal to them. Helping them discover the why and what behind 'privacy', 'a great room', 'an open layout' 'a nice area', I have found that more than anything, they see their home as a reflection and determiner of their lifestyle. 

Home is the place we come home to Every day. For many, it's many times where we work and where we play too. Good life is made through a conscious addition of 10's, 25's, 50's and 100's daily and Every day.Some time ago, I began to regularly reflect on my life; experiences, memories, routines and disappointments; interests, contributions, successes, regrets and moments;  curiosities, changes, failures, and people. Yes, all of it.

Long before 2007 and Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman starred in the "The Bucket List," a list of things you want to do before you die, I recognized I have energy, gifts, enthusiasm, a heart and a spirit of adventure and ONE life to live. Not to wax philosophical, I have a passion for some things (and a curiosity for others) and let go of the rest. I do believe I'm charged with finding and living 'life just right.'
Reflection led me to this short list of things that make me high EVERY time no matter how often. I fill my days with them: 
Click here for my personal life just right list.

Every day; have 10's!

What's on your 10''s list? Any day where you consciously include some of your 10's, is a wonderful day. Focus on 10's every day, and your life will be full and meaningful to YOU. That's my wish for you Every day.

Friday, November 20, 2015


One of the most common obstacles to getting ready to sell a home, is getting rid of all the stuff. Many homes have a room where 'stuff' has taken over and the homeowners can't even imagine where to begin to tackle the job. 
Basements can be the depository for all things not being used, things that have outlived their usefulness and even things that no longer work. 
Attics are place seldom visited or seen filled with things seldom used or needed. 

I visit with about 4 home owners every week in the Andover and North Andover area to talk with them about the possibility of a future move and home sale. We focus on options that make sense for them to consider, the 'destination' home, and how to put one foot in front of the other in the direction of their goals. 

Many times home owners are not contemplating a move for months or even several years. Sometimes they find themselves postponing the move beyond what is reasonable or putting off their dreams. 
There are lots of questions you should consider when contemplating a move. But a plan seems to be the most helpful tool I've found to free up that overwhelming feeling, to put uncertainty in perspective and for getting you in to action towards your goals. 

It's true that clean houses sell faster and for more money and here is one cleaning tip that almost guarantees you’ll always have a house that looks clean. 

Conquer clutter.

To explore a Home Seller Success Plan, it's best to begin sooner rather than later. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lifejustright real estate